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“When the song of the angel is stilled…..The work of Christmas begins: To find the lost, To heal the broken, To feed the hungry,…”

I’ve seen this quote from Howard Thurmond a lot lately.  After our yearly orgy of excess in December, too much activity, food, shopping, you fill in the blank, January is relevantly empty.  Putting away Christmas decorations gives us a moment to appreciate simpler surrounding... read more

Her Happiest Birthday Yet

I have a good friend who looks after her grown sister who has mental retardation. These two sisters grew up poor – when we take up a collection for a family in distress through my church, my friend often says she knows what it feels like to be on the receiving end of charity. B... read more

Flying Turkeys

We never get through Thanksgiving week at Loaves & Fishes without someone quoting the classic television comedy WKRP In Cincinnati, “As God is my witness I thought turkeys could fly.” Well at Loaves & Fishes, they do fly. They fly into the pantries and out just as fas... read more

New Ways to Feed the Need

These are exciting times for Loaves & Fishes as we have found some new ways to do old things.  Our big fundraising event of the past few years “Feed the Need” has gone from a dinner/dance/auction in our warehouse to a multi-media appeal for support.  This year, instead ... read more

“It Makes Us Feel Good”

Opening the mail at Loaves & Fishes is always an adventure – you never know what you will discover – donations (expected and unexpected), bills (also expected and unexpected), letters of thanks from former clients, or maybe a postcard from a vacationing volunteer.   The... read more

My Busman’s Holiday

On a recent trip to the Midwest I had the opportunity to visit several food pantries in Illinois and Michigan.  I had not looked forward to making the trip, travelling alone didn’t really appeal to me. But I came back excited and energized.    The large Loaves & Fishe... read more

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