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All I have is thanks and a calm in my heart

Our most recent newsletter features the story of the Oliver family. We met the Olivers after receiving a very moving thank you letter from mom Heather. We wanted to share it with you…

Dear Loaves & Fishes,

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for your kindness, compassion and willingness to help my family. I visited for the first time in my life to a place like yours in March. I was nervous – I was afraid I would be judged or looked down upon or treated like a bad mother and wife for failing to be able to feed my family.

We have constantly stuggled over the past two years – lost jobs, found new ones, lost homes, friends and the fellowship of our community in east Charlotte after experiencing a series of events that forced us to leave. We have relocated but, like always, we consistently struggled to make our money stretch. I have never been so sad and scared until I had no food to feed my husband before a 12-hour shift. I was worried about our health. But I found out about your program through DSS.

When I came to your location, the people who helped me were kind, loving and understanding. There was no feeling judged; there was no one who made me feel bad for my position. And for me that kind of welcome empowered me. I left excited about the huge amounts of foods – even juice, fruit and yogurts which are my daughter’s favorites. I can’t put into words what this experience means for me. All I have is thanks and a calm in my heart. You have all been a true blessing to me and my family one we desperately needed.

With great thanks…

The Oliver Family