Other Ways to Donate

Donor Advised Fund – Please consider making a donation to Loaves & Fishes through your donor advised fund. There may be other organizations with the same name, so be sure to use Loaves & Fishes Tax ID (56-1398498) to find us when making a gift through the sponsoring organization that manages your fund.

Monthly (Recurring) Donations – Want to make a larger donation than fits into your budget?  Consider dividing it into manageable monthly donations.  Sign up as a recurring donor on our secure online donation from. Choose your monthly amount on the site. Any amount will help families. If you have questions, please contact Lucy Mitchell at lucy@loavesandfishes.org or 704-594-5832.

Stock – Loaves & Fishes welcomes stock donations. To make a stock donation, contact Lucy Mitchell at 704-594-5832 or Lucy@LoavesAndFishes.org.  If you’ve already made a gift of stock, be sure to contact us so we can be on the lookout and credit you with the donation!  Most stock transfers do not include donor information.

IRA – If you are 70 ½ or older, you can lower your taxable income by making a donation to Loaves & Fishes, Inc. directly from your IRA account.

NEW IN 2020 – For distributions required to be made after December 31, 2019, the age for beginning mandatory distributions is changed to age 72 for IRA owners reaching age 70 ½ after December 31, 2019. The required beginning date for IRA owners who haven’t reached age 70 1/2 by the end of 2019 is April 1st of the year following the year of the owner’s 72nd birthday. (source: IRS)

Consult with your financial or legal advisor to determine how this will impact your own personal situation. Your plan administrator should mail your distribution to:

Loaves & Fishes, Inc.
648 Griffith Road, Suite B
Charlotte, NC 28217

Honorarium or Memorial – Recognize the special person in your life through an honorarium or honor the memory of a loved one with a donation to Loaves & Fishes in their name. We will send a card to the individual or family notifying them of your gift.  We do not share the amount of the donation.  Make your donation online here.

By MailIf you prefer to give through the mail, send your donation to:

Loaves & Fishes
648 Griffith Road, Suite B
Charlotte, NC 28217

Employer Matching Gifts – You can double your donation through your employers matching gift program. Many companies have matching gift programs that match employees’ philanthropic interests.  For information on how to participate, contact your human resources department.

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