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One Year, One Mission, One Answer

Happy Anniversary!! This May we celebrate the one year anniversary of the merger of Loaves & Fishes and Friendship Trays! And what a year it has been. Not only a year of new beginnings and tremendous growth but also, as our pantries begin to reopen, a return to dignity and ho... read more

“I Am Grateful For These Moments” – Lindsey Houser

[caption id="attachment_18163" align="alignleft" width="231"] Lindsey Houser, Community Engagement Coordinator for Loaves & Fishes/Friendship Trays[/caption] In my role as Community Engagement Coordinator, I don't often have direct communication or interactions with client... read more

March for Meals – Join Us in Caring for Our Senior Neighbors

There’s no place like home. But for some of our neighbors, home can be a place of loneliness, isolation, and hunger.    Loaves & Fishes/Friendship Trays is fighting the isolation and loneliness of our senior neighbors which allows them to be where they want to be…... read more

Thank you Tour de Turns for a Great 10 Years!

It Was a Good Run…I Mean a Good Ride and Walk! We are so grateful to our dear friends Lane Holbert and Bob Carter who, for over 10 years, have gone above and beyond, dedicating countless hours and devotion to create and run the annual Tour de Turns cycling and walking event... read more

Meet Peter Deckbar, Meal Delivery Driver for Loaves & Fishes/Friendship Trays

Our Home Meal Delivery Program continues to grow, doubling the number of recipients receiving meals over just one year ago. Peter Deckbar is one of the newest staff members to Loaves & Fishes/Friendship Trays but delivering meals is anything but new for Peter. It’s in h... read more

Fall 2021 Newsletter

Because of your support, so far this year, over 60,000 neighbors in our community have not had to wonder where their next meal is coming from. As we head into the busy holiday season, rent is still due, medical bills still need to be paid and colder weather means ... read more