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“No food…for your kids? That is the scariest.” – Leonisa’s Story

Leonisa Adams is amazing. As a Loaves & Fishes pantry volunteer, she helps clients choose groceries for their families. Walking through the pantry together, they often share stories of their struggles.

She tells me that fear of judgement is an issue when asking for help. “You already feel ‘less than’ when you walk in the door,” she says. “You are always looking for a way to keep your head up.”


Leonisa knows because she has been there. She herself has been a client of Loaves & Fishes.


“I don’t know if you have ever experienced this but no food, especially for your kids, that is the scariest. I can’t describe the insecurity of it. No lights? Use candles? No heat. Put on extra socks and a sweater. No food? That’s another story.”


About a year ago, health problems made it difficult for Leonisa, self-employed as a hairdresser, to work. Her husband’s hours were also cut and suddenly they were barely paying the bills. As Leonisa says, sometimes there was more month than money.


That’s when she turned to Loaves & Fishes. “You get to the bottom of the barrel and it’s another week before pay day,” she says. “Loaves & Fishes was a breather to help get me through.


She made a promise to herself that if she ever got a chance she would give back, so she decided to volunteer for Loaves & Fishes. 


Leonisa and her husband are both working now, but she wants people to realize that you never know when it may be your turn to need help.


And that Loaves & Fishes is there, “…the last knot in the rope before you fall off.”


I told you, she is amazing.