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Loaves & Fishes expands to offer online ordering

Charlotte-based Loaves & Fishes, which helps people in need by providing groceries and meals, is expanding its home delivery service by allowing people to customize their orders online.

The organization received about $3 million in funding from the American Rescue Plan Act and is using it to create an Instacart-like interface that will allow people to choose what goes into their box before it’s delivered to their doorstep.

Since starting the home delivery service in April 2020, Loaves & Fishes has fed over 24,000 people. Community outreach director Danielle Moore said with this change, Loaves & Fishes expects to feed even more people this year.

She also said this expansion will help eliminate food waste and give people back their control over what they eat.

“We know that our clients have so many burdens that they’re dealing with, and in a lot of ways their choice is limited,” Moore said. “Things are happening to them instead of them being active agents in their lives, and so this piece helps to bring some of that dignity back.”


Right now, food delivery is available on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Families can expect to receive a week’s worth of fresh food for each family member, including fresh fruits and vegetables, in addition to nonperishable food items.

Loaves and Fishes is also looking for more volunteers as it continues to expand services.

There’s more information at loavesandfishes.org.