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Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow……

Like many others, the icy weather gave me an unexpected day off. The ice closed down much of Charlotte for 24 hours. I enjoyed an enforced stay-at-home day – slept late, worked on my taxes, read by the gas logs. Unfortunately most of the people who turn to Loaves & Fishes for emergency food supplies will not have such a positive experience.

Almost 20 years ago my younger son was a bag boy at our local Harris-Teeter. We had an ice storm and because he had no experience driving on ice, I wouldn’t let him drive the mile to work. So he put on his Boy Scout boots and hiked it. Well, he came right back – the power was out so the store was closed. He complained, “Mom, I won’t get paid for today!” And I say, “No son, you won’t have movie money next week, but the man who works in produce may not have money to feed his family.”

When icy weather strikes, it can disproportionately affect those who struggle to make ends meet. Missed work days mean smaller paychecks at the same time higher heating bills are coming in.

So while I relaxed in a warm house, I also thought about the people who will be in a crisis because of one day of bad weather.