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Give Them The Sauerkraut!

Long before I became associated with Loaves & Fishes my church held a food drive 4 times a year. My most vivid memory of those days was asking my five year old son “John, what shall we donate to Loaves & Fishes today?” After checking out all the choices in the pantry he invariably replied “Give them the sauerkraut!” John was not a fan of sauerkraut and he believed that if I gave it away I would never buy another can.

That story comes to mind because we are preparing for our huge annual food drive, Scouting for Food, Feb. 7 – 8. The week before the drive thousands of Boy Scouts will be dropping empty bags off at houses all over Mecklenburg County with a request that they be filled for Loaves & Fishes and left outside on Feb. 7. The Boy Scouts will be collecting them that morning and delivering them to multiple collection points located all over the county. Last year the Boy Scouts collected more than 240,000 pounds of food!

And as we wade through that sea of canned goods, every time I see a can of sauerkraut I remember little John (who is now 36 years old and absolutely loves sauerkraut!) So when that Boy Scouts knocks on your door in February feel free to load him down with good, nutritious food – including sauerkraut!

For more information about the Scouting for Food drive https://loavesandfishes.org