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It’s Not Just for Breakfast Anymore…

We are compiling the results of our yearly client survey.  One response stood out.  When asked “What do you do when you run out of food?” the client replied “I eat oatmeal for three days.”  That was before the decrease in SNAP benefits took effect.

Every family in the United States who receives SNAP (Food Stamps) will see a decrease in their benefits beginning this month.  A family of four will receive $36 less per month in benefits.  We at Loaves & Fishes decided to see what $36 of groceries actually looks like.  Shopping at a chain supermarket known for low prices, we found out just how many meals $36 can provide. 

There is really no good time this could have happened, but this is a very bad time.  With the recent delays caused by NCFAST, the coming of cold weather, and the holidays upon us, we expect to see more need for emergency food than ever.