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An extra week = a gift?

Because Thanksgiving fell as early as possible this year, we have an extra week between Thanksgiving and Christmas. That feels like a gift to many of us who traditionally fill every available moment between the two holidays with more activities than anyone could reasonably do. Of course, there is never enough, enough time, enough Christmas cookies, gifts, decorations. And we will fill and overfill every waking moment with the effort to get it all done.

I am reading a book about the relentlessness of our “never enough” culture. Even when we are fairly satisfied with what we have, our media, advertisements and culture pound us down with expectations of what we could have, or should have.

When I visit one of the Loaves & Fishes pantries this time of year, it’s like taking an elevator ride down to the ground level. Our clients are not so much worried about how many gifts will be under the tree in 3 weeks – they are worried about what kind of meal can they get together tonight.

As much as I long for a simpler life, it’s not technology I want to get rid of, or scientific advances. I am quite content with all my creature comforts and conveniences. No, a simpler life would be one where I could manage to acknowledge all the gifts I have, instead of endlessly wanting more. Want to join me on an elevator trip down to where we know what really matters?