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Sad News in the Mail

Opening the mail at Loaves & Fishes is almost always pleasant. Since more than half of our annual support comes directly from individuals, each day’s mail is made up of many envelopes with checks enclosed. Maybe that is why the one I opened the end of August was so shocking. On an RSVP card for our annual Feed the Need fundraiser, was written “Cannot attend, we are now part of the un-employed. Sorry.” This from a gentleman who has been faithfully supporting Loaves & Fishes with donations of cash and food for the past 7 years.

Hearing the statistics and reading the news daily hadn’t prepared me for that moment. I know personally, as we all do, numerous folks who have been downsized, laid-off or had hours cut. I know several who have lost their businesses. And Loaves & Fishes certainly has seen the effect of this terrible economy. We have been serving more people every consecutive month.

I was touched that our donor wanted us to know why he can no longer support our ministry. It would have been easier just to throw the invitation to Feed the Need in the recycle bin. And I have thought about him each day. Unfortunately we can’t do anything about his employment situation. But we can be grateful for all the support he has given while he was able. And very grateful for those who continue to be concerned about hungry people in our community.