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Good Days & Bad Days

Good days and bad days….days of calm and days of chaos. We all have them. At Loaves & Fishes today we are beginning a new season – holidays are over, Scouting for Food on Feb. 2 was a rousing success, and we just held an Open House for all our friends and supporters to see our enlarged warehouse space, renovated offices and celebrate the Snyder’s-Lance company’s donation of “Lancey” – a beautiful new 18-foot delivery truck!

And although we expect calmer and quieter days ahead, we know that things keep happening – life will bring surprises both good and bad. I have spent some time travelling in Alaska and have been fascinated each visit by watching glaciers calve – the timeless breaking off of huge chunks of snow and ice which slide down into the sea. There is no warning but a deafening roar as the ice hits the water. I often think about that during chaotic days here – no matter what is going on in Charlotte, or in my life, the glaciers in Alaska are continuing their eternal activity.

And so does the heart of Loaves & Fishes keep beating – volunteers continue to appear at the phone center daily to take food referrals and operate our 19 food pantries and show up at the warehouse to sort and pack donated food. Individuals and churches faithfully send money so that we can purchase perishables. The glaciers continue their slow slide to the sea and Loaves & Fishes continues to provide food to hungry families no matter what kind of day we’re having – which fills me with both comfort, that it’s not all about me, and gratitude.