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Her Happiest Birthday Yet

I have a good friend who looks after her grown sister who has mental retardation. These two sisters grew up poor – when we take up a collection for a family in distress through my church, my friend often says she knows what it feels like to be on the receiving end of charity. But […]

A Rare Treat of the Rice Krispie Kind

I often tell people that Thanksgiving is the biggest holiday of all for Loaves & Fishes because it is all about sharing a big meal.  But having celebrated Easter last month with family and friends I realize what an important part food again plays.  It is my great joy to look down the length of […]

Exactly How Fresh Are Those Eggs?

You never, ever know what the next phone call will bring to Loaves & Fishes.  Yesterday morning Bill, one of our long-term volunteer pantry coordinators, called the office with a unique problem.  He said a woman had come into the pantry wanting to donate fresh eggs.  Not a daily occurrence, but not that unusual.  But […]