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Bright Shining Faces

I had the pleasure of seeing my 9 year old granddaughter off to her first day of 4th grade this morning.  She got up at 6 a.m. with no complaint, dressed herself all in pink, except for her brown cowgirl boots of course, and sat down to pancakes, bacon and orange juice.  She was so far ahead of schedule that we  played a few turns of the perpetual Monopoly game set up on the dining room table where she’s about to beat me.  Then quick official first day of school pictures and a grin and wave and she was out the door.

As she left with her Daddy for school I was having the usual Nana moments – wasn’t it only last year that her father was starting Kindergarten in a plaid shirt and jeans and a backpack bigger than he was?  But as I was loading the dishwasher I began to think of the hundreds of thousands of children going off to their first day of school this year.  I can only hope and pray that they are awakened with a loving word, celebrated and enjoyed for the unique miracles they are, and provided with a healthy breakfast.

48% of the 126,803 people that Loaves & Fishes assisted with food last year were children.  May their new school year include no hungry days.