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A Simple Birthday

A box of cake mix; who would have known how important it would be?  I came into the office, hit the button on the answering machine and there she was.  The voice sounded young to me, well spoken but a little broken up.  She told about going to a Loaves & Fishes pantry to p... read more

We Walk Because They Walk!

For the past 22 years I have spent one Sunday afternoon in October, while trudging some unfamiliar streets in uptown Charlotte, considering what it would be like not to have running water. A flashback to the days following Hurricane Hugo? No, something much more positive - The Gr... read more

Did you have dinner and breakfast?

The Children’s Pastor at my church this past Sunday asked a group of 3 – 8 year olds “How many of you had dinner last night and breakfast this morning?” It was interesting to see their reactions. Was it a trick question? What in the world did that have to do with churc... read more

Blessings of Simple Joys

Over this past summer my six year old granddaughter discovered one of the simple joys of life. Every Saturday morning we snap a mess of beans together. She has become quite adept at spotting the longest and fattest bean – much more fun than short and skinny. She inspects eac... read more

Sad News in the Mail

Opening the mail at Loaves & Fishes is almost always pleasant. Since more than half of our annual support comes directly from individuals, each day’s mail is made up of many envelopes with checks enclosed. Maybe that is why the one I opened the end of August was so shocki... read more

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