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If Tables Could Talk

A friend saw the line “every meal has a story” in a local grocery store. How true! It made me think of special meals in my life; not all banquets or even holidays, but significant meals. I thought of all my cooking mistakes as a young bride – I didn’t know you had to cook... read more

Up On Whose Rooftop?

A co-worker likes to tell about one of her children who questioned why they were filling a shoebox for Samaritan’s Purse. “Why doesn’t Santa bring toys to poor kids?” Why indeed. I expect in the midst of the sheer overindulgence of this holiday season there are a lot of p... read more

I Think I See A Glimmer…

Wasn’t it just a few days ago we gathered round the turkey and transferred the stuffing from ole Tom to ourselves?  Now it is all eyes ahead – some to celebrate Hanakkuh for the next week and for many the shining star of Christmas just three weeks away.  At Loaves & ... read more

Lighting Up Eyes at Thanksgiving

It’s almost here – the holiday that says FOOD like no other.  At Christmas food is just part of the festivities.  But at Thanksgiving, dinner is everything.  Years ago I was helping in a pantry when a little boy, about 5 years old, looked at me and asked “Is that whole t... read more

35 Years of Multiplying Miracles

In 1975 a retired secretary named Virginia Sampson, was concerned about hungry people in Charlotte. At that time there were no soup kitchens, no shelters, no where for hungry people to go and get food. Virginia rallied 4 or 5 close friends and neighbors and organized the first Lo... read more

That’s the Glory of Love

Ever had someone say something that reminds you of an old song? Then you can’t get the words (the ones you remember) out of your head. That happened to me last week. A sweet young woman was volunteering at our office. She was obviously handicapped but was so willing and eag... read more