A Good Turn Transforms into 250,000 Meals!

I got to meet an exceptional young man this past Saturday.  He was one of some 4,000 Scouts who were out collecting food for Loaves & Fishes.  It was a glorious day – first decent weather for Scouting for Food in three years.  I ran into this particular Scout at the Trinity Presbyterian collection site.  He is a member of an exceptional group – Troop 118 from St. Stephen United Methodist Church.  Young Vance Ayscue set a goal this year of collecting 2,000 pounds of food himself for the drive.  As of Saturday afternoon he had collected 2,100 pounds and by Monday had another 300 pounds.

I told Vance that he had collected enough food to feed 100 people for an entire week!  He said “Boy Scouts believe in doing a good turn”.  That got me thinking about the whole “pay it forward” movement.  The idea being that we do something good for someone in the hopes that they will do the same when they are able.  The difference being Vance’s good turn will turn into at least 2,400 meals for hungry people.  Quite a return on investment.

Overall the Scouts estimate they again collected more than 250,000 pounds of food.  When a Loaves & Fishes staffer asked a Scout what he saw when he looked into one of the trucks being loaded with donated food, he said “generosity”.  That is exactly what I see when I look at a Boy Scout.

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